Jan 24 2015


How a Six-year-old Schooled his Mom on Motherhood - from Dixie Mama

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It occurred to me one night that it might be fun to get my son’s perspective on motherhood while he’s still little. So I interviewed him. (That’s normal, right?) I got a notebook and pen and sat at the kitchen table with him. I told him that I would like to interview him and then explained to him what the word “interview” means.

He liked how important all this sounded, so he was excited about it. I wrote down the questions as I went as this was completely impromtu, and I recorded his answers verbatim. The entertainment, I expected. My kid never disappoints in this arena. I did not, however, anticipate his simple and honest viewpoint being so biblical, so solid. You may want to conduct your own motherhood interview after this. Your child’s depth may surprise you.

The Interview:

Me: What is the most important thing for a mommy to do?

Z: Love their children. Wait, I’ve got another one. Love God.

Me: How do you know if a mommy loves her children?

Z: If they’re kissing you or they’re hugging you.

Me: Anything else?

Z: If they are praying for you.

Me: Is that everything, or is there more?

Z: That’s it.

Me: So if I’m kissing you and hugging you and praying for you, you know I love you, huh?

Z: Yeah. I need to go tee tee.

Me: Okay. [What else was I gonna say?]

Upon his return…

Me: How do you know if a mommy loves God?

Z: If they’re praying to God or giving sacrifices to God.

Me: How would I give a sacrifice to God?

Z: Kill a cow or an animal and put it in fire. And here’s another way, if you fast or if you’re a prophet.

Me: Anything else?

Z: If you’re giving something to another person.

Me: What could I do to be a better Mommy? [Besides giving a little more commentary when we read the Old Testament together]

Z: If you didn’t sin.

Me: Do I sin now?

Z: Sometimes.

Me: How?

Z: Because sometimes maybe you hurt other people or do something to them they don’t want you doing.

Me: Do you know of anything like that?

Z: No, but you might have when I wasn’t with you. [Touche]

Me: What is your favorite thing about me?

Z: I can’t choose because I like everything about you.

Me: If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?

Z: I don’t know. I just like you staying the way you are.

In case you’re wondering, this little interview is going in the mommy bank for me to withdraw at-will during his teenage years. Doing this activity with him gave me so much insight into his heart and the pureness of simplicity. My son knows I love him because I kiss and hug him and pray for him. When I tried to dig for more, he said, “that’s it.”

That’s it, mamas.

You don’t have to have it all together. You don’t need to pack Pinterest-perfect lunches. It’s okay if you don’t keep up with the latest parenting dos and don’ts, and it doesn’t matter if the floors didn’t get mopped last weekend. What really matters is that you hug and kiss and pray.

How a Six-year-old Schooled his Mom on Motherhood - from Dixie Mama

So simple.

As a mom, I know there’s more I have to do. After all, there are bills to be paid and toilets to scrub and laundry to do and homework to oversee and… Well, you know the routine; you live it. But what if we all paused and took a deep breath? What if we realized that most of the things on our to-do list aren’t critical?

I’ve read over my notes from our little interview several times, and I believe the answer to the very first question says it all for motherhood. I need to love my son and love my God. His answer is reminiscent of the response Jesus gave when asked what the most important commandment was. Jesus said it was to love God and that the second most important command was to love people.


Why do we make it so hard?

I know there is more to this parenting gig than affection and prayer for my son and loving God and people. However, when it comes to my motherhood, there is no one else on earth whose opinion matters more than my six-year-old. So I will hug, and I will kiss. I will pray for him always, and I will endeavor to remember the beauty of simplicity. And…on those days when all I see are my shortcomings, I will remind myself that my son prefers me to stay just the way I am.

From the heart of Dixie Mama…always say grace.



  1. Hayley Cranfield

    Thank you, Tanya! It did me too. I learn a lot from my little sweetheart.

  2. Tanya Feygin

    This just brought me to tears… So sweet

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