I should tell you, I’m not your normal “dixie mama”.  If you’re looking for a recipe for blackberry cream pie or would like to find the latest tips on creating a memory wreath or making your own soap, you’re lost.  I have no idea how you got here, but you took a wrong turn.  And you’ll have to find your own way back because I can’t give directions to save my life.  (Ask anyone who knows me.)

But if you believe–or would like to believe–that just being you is enough to be a fantastic mom when you mix in some grace, then you might like it here because that’s my philosophy and the focus of my blog.  This is a place with no mold to fit into.  No guilt.  And no impossible role model (believe me).

When I was young, I dreamed of being one of those stay-at-home moms who was the perfect homemaker.  I wanted to be the ultimate southern belle who wowed everyone with my culinary talent and entertaining genius.  That was the dream.  The reality?  I’m a single mom with no time, energy or talent for entertaining.  I own a kitchen; it’s where I keep the refrigerator and microwave.  There are other appliances in there as well, but we’re not well acquainted. In fact, the invention of crockpots and the fact that my kid loves fruit and raw vegetables is proof to me that there is a God.

Despite my deficiencies in some of the Southern traditions, I positively love the South with its warmth and hospitality.  The culture is rich, the climate is mild, and we still believe in Jesus, manners and playing in the back yard.  I wouldn’t want to raise my little man anywhere else.  I call him Z, by the way.  Did I mention that he’s a Star Wars lovin’ Angry Birds master who likes to say grace as if it’s an opera performance?  That’s my boy.  He’s six, and he’s fabulous.

Being Z’s mom has taught me a lot, and saying grace has taken on a whole new meaning.  Sometimes prayer can be full of giggles and silliness and operatic flair; it still gets the job done. But beyond that, “saying grace” is a way of life.  Let’s face it; even with the best efforts, motherhood is riddled with momentary failure and good intentions that never go anywhere.  So I’m learning to invite grace into the mess.  It’s what turns tears into laughter, mistakes into lessons and fear into courage.  It’s also what reminds me that one night without a bath won’t do him harm, and dessert before dinner is occasionally okay. After all, life’s too short for rules that don’t matter and standards that can’t be met.

Thank you for stopping in.  Stay as long as you want and visit anytime you like.  And from the heart of Dixie Mama…always say grace.

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Header image courtesy of Makio Kusahara at FreeImages.com